Trump: Debater and Distracter

Donald Trump does not want to be President. For that matter, it’s pretty crazy for anyone to ever want to be President. Looking at America as a business, you would never consider taking that CEO job for the comparative low pay that it comes with when you do a side by side of the stress to money ratio.
Here are a few of my thoughts on Trump running for President. Trump is a business man first and foremost. He is not a politician. Politicians filter their words and thoughts using a vocal screen to make sure nothing offensive is released. Trump is not that type of guy. The most likely label we can give Donald Trump is that he is a ploy. If he is a ploy, he is most certainly a ploy for the Democrats. He is loud, disruptive, and distracting. In a time where Hilary Clinton is being investigated for her alleged crimes and involvement in the Benghazi incident, the Democrats are in desperate need of a diversion. In this case, Donald Trump is that perfect diversion.
Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for the voters who need an “anybody but him” mentality in-order to vote. Just like the years before with now President Obama, the Democrats were well aware that the best chance at winning any election is grassroots campaigning and engagement of younger voters, or those who are less likely to vote in your average election. The best way to get these people to vote is to give them some sort of cause for concern. The potential of having Donald Trump as your President is a pretty large cause for concern. In fairness let me say I do not know what the guy truly believes about how the country should be run. I don’t think even Donald Trump believes most of the things that come out of Donald Trumps mouth. He knows how to provoke people. He also knows that he cannot do most of what he is saying. A giant wall protecting us from Mexico is utterly ridiculous and he is well aware of that. He is also aware of how absurd it would be to actually just go and kick out all illegal immigrants. Based off my experience I can assure you that would have drastic consequences in the restaurant and service industries, it would be a pure disruption.
Now notice here that I have probably used the word Democrat more in this writing than you have seen all day on T.V. This is because everyone is too worried thinking about the Republicans winning. They are a long list of exponentially scarier candidates as portrayed by the media. On the left we have Bernie and Hilary. Both of these candidates will win over Trump. It doesn’t matter which you put up, voters will come out against Trump no matter what. And this is why I believe that Trump is a ploy by the Democrats to help keep the American people distracted from the events that took place with Hilary Clinton.
Personally I am puzzled by Donald Trump wanting to be President. It seems that it’s the ultimate accomplishment on one end, but compared to all he has done in his life, does it really stack up that well? It doesn’t seem like it does. He seems to be executing everything in a pretty amazing fashion, but I just plain don’t think he wants this job.

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