Resume of Motivation

They say behind every successful man is a great woman. I don’t agree with this. Behind every successful man is a string of women that pushed him forward and currently there is just one at his side which now seems to shine above the rest. Nothing can reflect the state of a man better than the woman he has chosen to be with at that point in his life. We all have the lives that we have chosen to tolerate, and a man who will tolerate a lousy relationship will also tolerate a lousy life. However, once inspired by the right woman to improve his life, he will do so with her eyes in his future. While the one who inspires a man is not always the same one with him at the end of the race, she is a crucial part to his development. Men have the sad disposition of not being the best with regards to looking into the future. It is probably an evolutionary disposition, men aren’t the best at planning. Women think of a family and security, meanwhile men tend to only think of fulfilling their immediate life requirements. As a single man walking the world alone, one does not need much to get through to his next day. It is at that moment when he considers providing for others, as a result of wishing to solidify a relationship with a particular woman, that he finally can see into the future with hope and a yearning for success.

An easy example of this is Arnold Schwarzenegger, read his biography and you’ll see. I’ll give you the short version. After he had already done well for himself financially, he met a Kennedy. From there he went from an apartment to a home. From there he went from a blossoming movie career to arguably one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories. He admits in his book that his ambition was amplified once he was fueled by this new love affair. Since then he became a governor of California, and one of the highest grossing movie stars of all time. Despite his public slip up of having a child outside of his marriage, his focus in his early years was shifted once he had the right woman in his life.

Not to say all men can’t look into the future, but your priorities take a great shift when you finally consider providing for those other than yourself. Whether you wish to give to charity, build a home, or support a family, the vision of a group bigger than yourself is needed to justify a large goal.

While a man has a line of women in his resume to show how he got from A to Z in life, I believe a woman’s resume has the potential for being even more impressive. Where the former men in her life are now is a great sign of what kind of woman she is to these men. A woman that has the power to be a Muse is necessary in the achievement of great men. A muse can be a form of inspiration from unrequited love, or it can be in the embodiment of a woman who is constantly encouraging and inspiring to the man she currently courts. Even the guy who uses the feeling, “oh I’ll show her” as his motivation for reaching success has been positively impacted by that woman whether he will admit it or not.

Women in general make us want to be in shape, make money, and have niece things. However, it is the woman who makes us want to build a home and change our world that really deserve the credit for cultivating change in a mans life. As Chris Rock once said, “If a man could fuck a woman while he lived in a cardboard box, he would”.

Take lessons from your past loves. There’s always something that lead you to them and if you can manage to figure that out, then you’re on a good path. Most people go through life living the same movie with different actors. True changes in your movie come when you get the right leading characters that know where to direct the story.

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