Live As If You’re Driving in the Rain

Chances are you’ve never been more present than when driving in a heavy rainfall on the highway. Even the dumbest of us would not text and drive under such conditions. All sense of urgency to the external falls away with the imminent reality of death if you were to look away for too long.

Walking around on a rainy day is the best way to experience true presence. We often subscribe the words, bad, unfortunate, or ugly to the sight of a cloud filled rainy due. Truth be told, these are the best of the days. These are the days that subtract you from the rest of the world and help you gain a limited perspective on your surroundings. Focusing on the now, our immediate surroundings and task, is the best way to move forward and live happily. How else can one focus on the moment any better than when the weather has forced them to keep their vision within a few hundred yards radius? As I drove through DC on a rainy day, I looked to my right where I would normally see the Washington Monument peaking above the DC Skyline and I found it nowhere in sight. I was able to live comfortably knowing it was still there, but it did not concern me. Truthfully as I drove I should have probably been much more concerned with the cars around me navigating the falling rain on slick roads.

The inability to see what was far away, helped me to focus on what was right in front of me.

It is on rainy days that we can get the most done. Look for the outside world, it’s not there, it’s taking a bath. A cleansing of replenishing of our outside world is the best time to attempt to focus on the now. It’s rainy days when we can also grasp our world. Walk around NYC on a rainy day and you may not even be able to see the tops of the tall buildings. It helps to make you appreciate the city without the distraction of a limitless sky spanning beyond our comprehension.

Attempt to keep this mindset as often as possible and live your life as if the rain will never stop falling. Continue forward in your setting as best you can at that moment and push through the rain. On a rainy day I am less tempted to get outside, more likely to read, to do laundry, or make that important call. Its within the confines of rain that we have the ability to be our most productive and present.

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