The Realities After Virtual Reality

Episode 5: David Burgess and Virtual Reality

In speaking on wasted money: “Well, I’ve thrown up more, on myself” -David.

David Podcast Bio:
David is a JMU Graduate, Virtual Reality Programmer and Ambassador, Semi-Spaniard, Rebel and part time Wolf-man impersonator. David has been programming VR programs for around 621 years now. He currently resides in Richmond.

Did ending slavery help to spark the need for the technological revolution?
Is progress just a series of waiting for old people to die?
How long before VR becomes more common at home?

David and I talk about not becoming our grandparents and becoming self-aware in the days where we all have enough of our needs met to actually worry about our desires. David even claims to be ‘well adjusted’. Hear about how Tim Sweeney helped to make the world of programming available to all creeds. We talk about how story telling helped to change the world, and how instant videos have now changed our views on ‘famous’ people. As we sit on the cusp of great change, listen to a man who might know what he’s talking about.
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Time Markers:
7:05 How did ending slavery help the computer revolution?
11:00 Seeing your friends become adults
15:32 How David got into computer programming
18:28 The early days of the internet
22:00 Old Hard drive
33:53 VR Self Made
36:30 The joy of playing for work
42:42 Robin Williams
44:40 Be constructively lazy
46:01 Algorithms are rule books
57:00 David says the podcast is fun
58:26 Too many books in the brain
1:00:00 How we used to tell stories
1:04:45 The mental implications of Virtual Reality
1:07:00 Pragmatism
1:08:15 Programming is problem solving
1:14:00 We discuss sports
1:23:00 The summer on crutches

Art of Living Like an Old Man

As you are looking for ways to best live an optimal life, I have one simple solution:

Start to live your life like an old man.
Find an old man that is effective in your life and take a look. Notice that when a person reaches a certain age they get to an area where they are in a preservation mode and that leads to them making the decisions which best lead to longevity. The smartest ones are the ones preparing for 50 years from now. Not for today. So why not start now?

Watch Your Back.
Ever hear of old men getting abdominal strains? Nope. That is because everyone works their abs, who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Start working your lower back now. You’ll be happy about it later.

Invest in Quality. 
He tends not to own many things, and those things which he owns are pretty great in quality. You will often hear an old man say, “I’ve had this scarf about 20 years now”. It is not because that man has some secret cryogenic box in which he stores the scarf. He purchased a good quality scarf. We should focus on only getting that which is necessary and that which is durable in quality. If you’re constantly buying the same object over and over again, then you’re buying shitty products. Quality does not always necessarily mean expensive, although admittedly it does appear to be the case more times than not. Remember, a symbol of status is not a representation of quality. Beats headphones might be a great marketing play, but a plain pair of Bose will give you better sound quality.

Eat What Fuels You. 
Don’t just buy like an old man, live like one. My grandma is in her 90’s and her diet has been the same for probably 30 years now (yes I’m aware she’s not an old man). She basically does what we all know we should do. Healthy fats (pecans/almonds/avocados) Hearty grains, some fruit, and a lot of leafy greens. She is a vegetarian so I would choose to add in a little protein as well but for the most part, she’s got it down. Once in a while she will break down and share a chocolate croissant, but it’s not an every day occurrence.

Watch Your Feet. 
How else do the old live? The protect their feet and their knees. We learn late in life we do not need to wash our hair each day (and certainly don’t need to rinse and THEN repeat). Stretch. Even how they use their feet. All moves with the body of an old man are deliberate. No waste.

Have a routine to some parts of life. Your morning is the best time for this. The old I know wake up, take their pills, and go through the motions. Assuming you’re not on too many medications, you can skip the pill step and go right onto breakfast. Consistency is key.

Focus On Moments. 
Spend a lot of time with family. Spend time smiling. Have long meals. Go easy on your knees (this belongs in all categories). Old men don’t waste their time either. They only do what is important to them. They only do what is necessary. Old men look forward. Old men give advice to young peers. Old men are helpful. Take your time cooking. Sit in a rocking chair.

Bottom line.
Old men live deliberately. They don’t waste motion, time, or resources. They do act deliberately.
They don’t use too much salt and certainly limit their sugar. Watch your knees.

A Skeptics Future

Episode 4. Futures of a Skeptic

Will driving one day be illegal?
Did you know bringing wolves back to Yellowstone was able to change the course of rivers?
How long would you want to live if you couldn’t die?
How do declining predators affect fish populations?

In this talk, Luke and I sit down in the peace and quiet of the guest house, and discuss lots of random topics including; how long would you live if you couldn’t die, driverless cars, and the power of trusting strangers with couch surfing. While Luke has yet to try couch surfing, he discusses his attempts to stay with strangers.

Luke brings about his pluming and water experience of 15 years in a large part of this podcast as we discuss the future problems of pipes and infrastructure in America. Specifically he addresses some of the issues with water concerns in Southern Florida and Washington D.C.

Have you ever considered if driving could be illegal one day? Find our thoughts on it at 54 minutes.


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2:00 Misperceptions about people
6:33 Hear about our friend going cross country on a bicycle
9:43 EuroWorld Travels
13:40 Dangers Traveling Abroad
54:00 Will driving be illegal?
55:00 What do to with all the cars?
1:02:14 Water Erodes all
1:13:45 When Lincoln’s child died while in office.
1:14:40 Subsistence Farming
1:15:30 How good life is in the United States comparatively.
1:17:00 How long would you want to live if you could live forever?
1:22:00 Is eating healthy a task?
1:30:45 Working out leads to someone licking your muscles