I ask three things:
1.Keep an open mind with regards to anything you read
2. Do not criticize anything until you’ve finished reading it
3. If you like it. Share it.

This is basically a telescope into my mind. Not of what comes out of it necessarily, but more of a collection of all the information I put inside of my brain. Not to say my thoughts won’t be on here. If it stimulates some part of my intellect or a strange interest, you’ll find it here. If it’s something I have read and think you should too, there will be a link to it. If it’s something I have written, read it with an open mind because it has been filtered through my reading and the sum of my life experiences.
I also don’t claim to be original. There’s 7 billion people. It’s highly likely someone has said this shit before. I mean how did i come up with it anyhow ?





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