The Passport

According to all which the state defines me as I am Patrick S. DiMarchi. How long I’ve been writing and how long I’ve been able to hold a pen will largely correlate with one another. Though only recently did I start turning those lines into something larger than an on the go journal. As of this posting my writing has led to the completion of my first novel, Where The Lightning Strikes Twice. A story built around a road trip I took through the lower half of Central America where I served as a translator and liaison for a group of guys from my neck of the woods.

Before locking myself into a basement to finish my first novel I had spent the previous three years living within the world of stand-up comedy. Wish I could say that’s the least normal thing I’ve been up to, but I can’t start our relationship off of lies. Now prior to any of this nonsense I did actually have some stretches of normalcy in my life. I even managed to buckle down and finish my college degree in four years out of high school. Which may have been admirable if I hadn’t started taking classes at 14.

Aside from the stage and pen, I also manage to spend more than what would be considered a reasonable amount of time in my car. Driving is just one of those things I enjoy. That and snowboarding. Though it seems unfair to put that before my most practiced skill which is picking up languages. Not that I’m fluent in any more than two (English and Spanish). But I was lucky enough to spend nearly a decade in what I would call an international watering hole and through that placement of life managed to pick up a lot of a little in the world of languages. Luckily I didn’t mind looking stupid when I messed up speaking (which happened constantly) because it has led to a neat set of experiences. Some of which you’ll see in my writings, but most of which you’ll have to catch in a short story if we ever run across each other in person.

The list of places I’ve been is no longer impressive by the standards of the friends around me, but I shall list them.

United States (I only include this because I’ve driven across the country 7 separate times and have seen everywhere more than a few times it seems.)




Costa Rica


Puerto Rico





The next additions to this list are likely to be, Ghana, Vanuatu, Great Britain, & Ireland.

After which I’ll regroup and decide on a few more spots.

Check back in to see what’s next.



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