Where Realities Are Deeper Than Virtual

Episode 5: David Burgess and Virtual Reality In speaking on wasted money: “Well, I’ve thrown up more, on myself” -David. David Podcast Bio: David is a JMU Graduate, Virtual Reality Programmer and Ambassador, Semi-Spaniard, Rebel and part time Wolf-man impersonator. David has been programming VR programs for around 621 years […]

Lessons From The Old

In all of my time traveling, I’ve come across a lot of neat tidbits, most of them from people much older than myself. And here I’ll tell you why I think living like the old is the best way to live. And for the purpose of personal relation on my part, this will […]

A Skeptics Future

Episode 4. Futures of a Skeptic Will driving one day be illegal? Did you know bringing wolves back to Yellowstone was able to change the course of rivers? How long would you want to live if you couldn’t die? How do declining predators affect fish populations? In this talk, Luke […]

Closing The Gaps

The way I see it, your life is one big gap. From the day you’re born, to the day you die. Between those two days will be a series of gaps that are your personal duty to fill. My personal suggestion is to do so with an abidance of knowledge […]