The Comedy

Here is a link to all of my comedy videos so far. As well as some information regarding when and where I perform.

I started stand up Comedy in the Winter of 2015 and since then have traveled to 21 cities within the United States, as well as Vancouver B.C. and Monterrey MX to perform.

Venues so far:

(2) Boynton Beach FL
(2) Palm Beach FL
(2) Lake Worth FL
(1) New Orleans, La. The New movement
(2) Austin T.X.
(1) Monterrey N.L. MX
(2) Phoenix, AZ
(1) Los Angeles, CA
(2) San Diego, CA
(3) San Francsico, CA
(3) Hollywood, CA
(1) Marina Del Rey, CA
(3) Portland, OR
(2) Seattle, WA
(2) Vancouver. B.C. CA
(3) Denver, CO
(2) Chicago, IL
(4) Washington D.C.
(1) Arlington, VA
(1) Richmond, VA
(1) Savannah, GA
(5) New York City, N.Y.
(4) Queens, N.Y.