The Books


For the moment this page though listed as plural shall only contain a link to one completed book. Two more are currently in production. But for now you’ll have to take the time to read my debut novel first.

WHERE THE LiGHTNiNG STRiKES TWiCE was started nearly three years ago while doing a six month study in New York Cities Burroughs of Brooklyn. During which time my original aim was to go deeper into the world of stand-up comedy and hone in my craft. One day while searching for funny ideas I went back into some old notebooks and found the scribblings of a trip I had one half taken and found myself reading page after page with a flood of memories coming to me. It was then that I sat down to write what would then become my debut novel as named above. During this time I spread myself about as thin as possible and went beyond my first projected date of completion by nearly a year. Which was a lesson in many things, patience being one of them. It is after this time that I am happy to finally release the novel which has consumed the last few years of my life.

In this story you will follow my thoughts as I spend two weeks as a translator driving through Central America. This story is based in premise off a trip I took through the sub-continent in the last year of my twenties. One which led to many things, least of which this book.

I will spare telling you too much about the story before you read it. Though I am happy to discuss it with anyone once they have. If you’ve ever sat down with me over coffee or through a long night in some far away place then you’ll be plenty accustomed to how I speak and the stories I tend to tell. I’ve been fortunate enough to make it to some really cool places over the last decade or so and nothing has given me greater pleasure than sharing those stories with my friends. It is only now that I attempt to do the same for a much wider audience. That being said, be prepared to meet a wide variety of characters and scenarios, some of which I’ve stood in, many of which I haven’t. And I hope at the end of the day, this all just sounds like one really long conversation in which you weren’t able to get a word in.


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